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Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Green Alliance?

Early in 2007, Mayor Toni Middleton, Mayor Middleton signed the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, which encourages cities across the U.S. to adopt sustainable practices, reduce carbon output, and adopt and implement Climate Action Plans. 

In May of 2007, Sue Ryan, presented Resolution 58-07 to City Council, which was passed and adopted by the council, endorsing the Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement. The agreement has set a goal of reducing carbon output by 7 to 10% by the year 2012, and a further reduction of carbon output to 15% by 2017.

In June of 2007, the Mayor held a meeting at the City’s Administration Building to bring citizens together with an interest in environmental issues and sustainable communities. This meeting initiated the formation of the Green Task Force .

In August 2007, the Green Task Force elected Dr. Peter L. Schneller and Tiffany Gravlee to serve as co-chairs; and, Ginny Daniel to serve as recording secretary. Four sub-committees were formed:

Greening Land
– a subcommittee that focuses on Land Use, Urban Forestry, Greening, and Recycling
Greening Structure/Infrastructure
– a subcommittee that focuses on Green Power, Green Building, Energy Efficiency, and Water and Wastewater
– a subcommittee that focuses on Transportation Issues (Biking, Fleet Vehicles, Bus/Train)
– a subcommittee tasked with educating the public

The mission of the Mayor’s Green Task Force  was to establish partnerships with various entities of government, education, business, and industry and among citizens to educate and empower the greater Alliance community with the primary goal of developing as an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable community.

Since then, the Mayor's Green Task Force has divided into two separate entities: 

the Green Commission, which functions as a commission of the City of Alliance, and assists with the City's Sustainability Plan; 

and Green Alliance,  a  non-profit 501(c)(3) entity which shares the mission of the original task force, and primarily serves to educate and empower the community of Alliance through the Sustainable Alliance Festival, educational programs, and fundraising to support the implementation of sustainability projects in the city of Alliance. 

What is the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Agreement?

The U.S. Conference of Mayors is an organization that brings mayors together from across the country to discuss and provide solutions to challenging problems that face our cities. In 2005, the Conference unanimously endorsed the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, an initiative proposed by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. The agreement outlines a commitment by mayors to reduce emissions in their cities. Well over 850 mayors have signed the Climate Protection Agreement. For more information about the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Center, visit:

Can anyone join Green Alliance?

We encourage all interested members of the community to join  Green Alliance. A general meeting is held each month.  Please see the home page for information on email notices, membership, volunteer opportunities, and more.